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  • The Snowboard game announced on Steam

    By admin | 10 March 2018

    The Snowboard Game now has a Steam Store page

    The road has been long and taken some wide turns. Now it's almost done, and ready for release. The Steam store page is up. Steam store

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  • Unity3d method invocation profiling

    By admin | 02 November 2016

    I thought it would be interesting to see how expensive method calls are in comparison to eachother so here’s a profiler session comparing a few different ways to call methods. I’m still … Read more

  • Unity3d field dependency injection

    By admin | 26 July 2016

    I just added Unity3dInject to github. It's a very lightweight non intrusive field dependency injection solution for Unity3D. Ir works with both poco classes and MonoBehaviours.

    Setting up a class … Read more

  • Water screenshots

    By admin | 16 May 2016

    Two new screenshots for the water. The first one shows the foam with tesselated shorestones. Second one shows more of the horizon and reflections.

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  • Ocean Rendering

    By admin | 02 January 2016

    This is the latest version of the ocean renderer we use. It's based on the early open source versions by scrawk. In the first stage we added shore foam and transparacy. Later we replaced the BRDF … Read more

  • Orchard CMS and Azure Hosting

    By Marcus.F | 30 September 2014

    The new web is now up and running. Hosted by Azure and Orchard CMS.

    I've had my eyes on Orchard since v 1.5 but it was lacking in some areas (forum module among other things), and now it has reached … Read more