Orchard CMS and Azure Hosting

By Marcus.F | 30 September 2014

The new web is now up and running. Hosted by Azure and Orchard CMS.

I've had my eyes on Orchard since v 1.5 but it was lacking in some areas (forum module among other things), and now it has reached version 1.8 with a lot of improvements in many areas. The architecture is very flexible and allows you to customize pretty much  everything without having to change the source code (which is open source). The drawback is that you have to look at a lot of code to learn how things work, even the simplest thing can be hard to grasp in the beginning. It needs more guides and tutorials if it wants to grow. I believe in it though, and see a lot of potential. It's asp.net MVC based, highly dynamic, lean and fast, but you need a lot of knowledge to use it.

Publishing on Azure couldn't be simpler from either the gallery or Visual Studio Solution. Since I had to write a few modules and themes I opted to go with the source code route. With my current setup in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online I can merge from the remote Orchard repository to my main branch and have separate branches for my module and theme development. If you do it this way you should be aware that a lot of third party modules built for asp.net 4 needs to be updated and built for 4.5 in order to work properly in the cloud, 

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